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Updated: Jun 7, 2022

It's Sunday morning and as it should be (for me), I dedicate this sacred time to a long-playing record. Note to all readers born after 1990: this is a round black PVC disc that looks like a very large mini disc and is the same in size as the common Influencer Ring Lights. Such a long-playing record - after I dusted it off in an act of mindfulness and greatest anticipation - spins at 33 1/3 rpm on the turntable, filling the Sunday morning silence with French chanson.

I listen to Francoise Hardy's "Tous les garcons et les Filles "

Music is a window to the world, and Francoise Hardy's window opens me to a view of a COMME DES GARCONS boutique. The song melts my heart and I now understand why it influenced the naming for the company. I love the song and I love COMME DES GARCONS (CDG) even more and there are many reasons for that:

As a big perfume lover (and that's a huge understatement), I've built my own little shrine for "Odeur 71" that towers over all my 300 other fragrances. While we admire - and I do not exclude myself - fragrances masterfully composed from natural fragrances and which can hold a candle to Richard Wagner's Ring in their complexity, CDG went a different, a, new, a "holy shit is that awesome" way: metal, warm photocopy toner, ink, freshly sharpened pencil... An olfactory masterpiece of 71 synthetic fragrances without a name but with a face: the unmistakable heart logo of CDG.

In the magical year of 1969, the Japanese stylist Rei Kawakubo laid the foundation for a fashion company that has left more of a mark on fashion, the perfume world, art, and society then an imprint of a NASA shoe in moon dust. Sorry Neil, it was a small step for us too!

Rei, you took the giant leap for mankind - thank you for that!

I write here about things I love and in love the heart must not be missing. The CDG heart is omnipresent in my closet and therefore worth an appreciation. It is not an ordinary heart, not a cliché heart. It is a heart with character, a heart that exhilarates. A combination that is even more important, especially these days, when I think alone of all the millions of crypto dreamers whose heart rate and mouth corners recently shot down in record time. The sight of the CDG heart may be of little comfort to them because it's not the highly polished heart of Jeff Koons that you own to show your wealth (after all, you can't display it even in your 40 million mansion). No! The CDG heart is the snorkel that you can use when the sad world comes over you and you drown in the sea of tears.

Let's start the week with this positive energy and remember that cheerfulness and cordiality are forgotten values that we should revive.

Thank you, Rei, for sharing your heart with the world for 53 years!



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