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Stapel von Zeitschriften

The story behind!

The Magazine:

MYTHILO Magazine was launched in 2022 in collaboration with Thilo and his infinite enthusiasm and the joy of writing to provide entertaining articles about architecture, design, Interiordesign, art, entertaining, fashion, watches and more. The style of writing is a surprising mixture of dealing with the beautiful, important or courageous things in this world without losing the fun.


The name of the magazine stands for the acronym of:

MY THings I Love 


MYTHILO Magazine is published online 2 times a week out of our Headquarter in Zürich, Switzerland.

If you would like to share feedback on our editorial content, please email 



Founder & Editor-in-Chief


Thilo is Editor-in-Chief for MYTHILO Magazine, where he is responsible for the content, in-house creative agency, branding, and growth. Thilo founded MYTHILO Magazine in 2022 after working for many years in the advertising industry and advising national and international companies as a strategist for branding projects. His enthusiasm and endless passion for beautiful, crazy, or courageous things in the world have kept him from losing heart. He wants to share this attitude to life with his readers and give them something of his passion and positivity in return for their interest.

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