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Updated: Jun 10, 2022

It's quite a challenge to write about someone who rejects all interview requests - in case you can call an invitation via Instagram an interview request? However, I had to research everything by myself, but don't forget Ricky: I know where to find you - I have Netflix!

So, who is the bearded with a black sense of humor and a black T-shirt? Who is Ricky Gervais? Science is now sure that he is supposed to be from the Reading region - not to be confused with the similar-sounding Riyadh, because if that were the case, we wouldn't know him from his big appearances on Netflix, but from pixelated YouTube videos that must be deleted 24 hrs after they go live.

Through my reliable contacts at the Daily Mail, I was able to find out that he worked at Wernham Hogg Paper Company until he was fired in 2003. It wasn't just the staff who were shocked at the time - his boss also struggled to find the right words "We have no idea how to run your department without you - but would like to give it a try." That's how it is in real life - the best leave us too soon: Jesus, Edward the Hamster, David Brent.

But successful people get up once more than they fall. He got up, grabbed his guitar, and threw himself into the nightlife of English suburbs. But even the best in showbiz can't always make money at the expense of others, and so it happened that the same number of guests showed up at his concerts as at Anna Delvey's ADF Club at 281 Park Avenue.

Unlike Anna, however, he didn't let Netflix turn this epic defeat into money. He stepped out of the spotlight-he said goodbye to the screen! Black humor gave way to black screens and the comedy community cried bitter tears.

After a successful fish and chips detox (rare night shots by David Attenborough show him in top form), Ricky began producing shows in the background. But this had two major drawbacks: As a producer, only the bank account laughs and, of course, it involves work. But especially with the noble pallor of an Englishman, you should leave the deck of your superyacht over lunchtime and head for the cool wine cellar. And who is the best joke writer? Correct, alcohol! The great philosophers of antiquity already knew that. "In vino veritas" and what is funnier than real life?!

So if you, like Ricky, spend your life dealing with the injustice of the world, you'll eventually find solace in philosophy, where you're in good company: Karl Marx (The Chronic Drunkard), Georg W. F. Hegel, (The Systematic Drunkard), Friedrich Nietzsche (The Frail Drunkard) and, of course, the unforgettable Michel Foucault (The Bold Drunkard), who was about to give a toast at a party and crashed to the floor before he could really get up from his chair. This is elitist comedy at its best. Even funnier than dogs in wigs. Well, let's say at least equal funny.

This formative confrontation with philosophy then gave birth to his masterpiece "Humanity". At this point I would like to advise all welfare cheats: watch the show right after the appendectomy and your scars will never grow back and you will still have a good laugh: Humanity can be so fun!

If one day the number on your birthday cake is a six and a second number follows, you begin to come to terms with your own finitude. There comes the phase when you start to deal with your own autobiography and what title would be more fitting for Ricky Gervais than "SuperNature"? But a reading while drinking beer? No! It came as it had to come: A new show - and what a show! A supernatural show!

Ricky, you are not only the god of atheists, but you enlighten our lives with your black humor! Without you, life would be as boring as the reading of a will without a whoopee cushion.

You are and will always be, next to Oleg Po(o)pow, Joker, Pennywise and John Wayne Gacy, one of the greatest clowns in history and even if one day your voice will be silenced, millions of salt rims from peed-on couches will remain forever visible and remind of the greatest stand-up shows and the greatest comedian in the world.

Ricky, we have one thing in common: You are the best!




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