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MYTHILO Vol. 1 // Tricker's // Henry Patina Brogue Boot

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

You come into the world barefoot and at the end of life you lie barefoot in the wooden box. So you shouldn't waste the time in between with bad footwear, because they do great things!

Shoes carry us through the whole life... They accompany us at the first steps, we turn pirouettes in them in ballet lessons, shoot the decisive goal with them. Good shoes protect us from a fall while hiking, patent leather shoes make us shine at the opera house or give us the comfortable feeling of being at home after a long day at work. So much for the execution of the rational Thilo. But Thilo thinks with his heart...

I am a shoe fetishist, who is already happy at the sight of shoes. Maybe I should specify at this point that I neither drink champagne out of shoes nor wear shoes during sex. I admire the craftsmanship, the hundreds of steps that go into making a shoe. It is the great dedication, the infinite patience, the necessary attentiveness and the profound knowledge of the materials of a shoemaker that fascinate me so endlessly. It goes so far that, out of reverence and respect for the craft, I have many shoes in my dressing room that I have never worn to this day. I admire them, dust them regularly, and I rejoice daily that they surround me. Shoes also give me support in life on an emotional level.

Even if monogamy is a foreign word in the relationship of a shoe fetishist, there must be the one, the primus inter pares. Just as a crab seeks its little house on the beach to stride through life in, I would seek shelter for my feet in the Henry Patina Brogue Boot from the traditional house of Tricker's (Est. 1829).

Each of the 14!!! pair of shoes made are one of a kind.... A shoe that requires more work steps and know-how than Henry Ford's Model T did. As if that wasn't enough, the color is added: patina expert and world champion Sam Norsworthy creates unique masterpieces with his skillful brush strokes using sapphire colors and essential oils.

Patination is a very delicate art and so it is hardly surprising that Sam takes over three hours to patina a pair of shoes. It is a process that needs to be built up and refined, with extreme care and attention. Patina is more than just an aesthetic appearance, it is an expression of quality and class. It adds character and personality to the shoe, putting the crown on what is already a masterful shoe. No wonder then that Tricker's has been supplying the British Royal Family since 1989.

If there is justice and goodness in this world, these lines will touch a wealthy shoe lover and cause him to make Thilo a great pleasure. Of course, I will also engrave the name of the noble donor on the sole of the shoes. Just in case, I wear shoe size 9 ½ and there is only one pair left.

Henry Patina Brouge Boot - I will accompany you every step of the way and carry the donor in my heart and forever on the sole of my new Tricker's boots.




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